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A healthcare company, aims to revolutionize outpatient infusion therapy with human-centered care. Initial center design in focuses on sunlight, community space, and patient comfort.

We were asked to work with a new Healthcare company providing personalized out patient infusion therapies. The company called Uptiv, has a mission to provide a human-centered, seamless and frictionless care experience for patients with chronic conditions.

The plan for Uptiv is to Crete these infusion centers in heavily populated residential areas, which means that most of them will be in strip shopping centers for the convenience of the patients. Our first design ideas centered around typical retail spaces found in these strip centers, Long and thin with windows only at the front and a single exit in the back.

For the initial Infusion Center Uptiv selected a shopping center in Warren, Michigan, an upscale suburb of Detroit. Utilizing a 20’ x 75’ former retail space we worked hard to set up the plan to utilize the sunlight coming in from the eastern windows. To bring the sunlight into all of the 8 Infusion rooms we stair-stepped the rooms and then added a window at each corner allowing the limited sunlight into each room. We placed the nurses area in the middle and added a fantastic feature, a community infusion area opposite the nurses station. Storage, staff areas and the restrooms are all at the end of the plan. The modulation of the walls kept the long corridor from feeling overwhelming and institutional.

Natural colors and materials add to the comfortable feel of the space and each infusion room receive a wall mural with a high resolution Nature photograph on the entire wall. These photos were significantly green and provided a soothing place for patients to spend up to three hours a day receiving treatment. Each infusion room also had a large TV and individualized internet TV that could conform to the patients viewing wishes.

This new plan for Uptime will be the template for additional Infusion centers throughout the midwest. We were proud to work with the executives of Uptiv to create this new idea for customer driven Infusion centers.

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Immersive experiences

It can be difficult to visualize a three dimensional space from a flat drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings into 3D with video walkthroughs so you can truly understand your space well before it is built.

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