We are a global firm of architects, designers, technologists, and fabricators

OnWorks Design is a global firm of architects, designers, technologists, and fabricators who specialize in solving complex customer issues through exceptional design.

At OnWorks, we prioritize a principle-led approach to design, ensuring that every project, regardless of its size, receives the dedicated expertise of a principal architect or interior designer. This commitment underscores our belief in delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

We also specialize in 3D visualizations as standard practice. Trying to understand a 3D space by viewing a 2D drawing is difficult. OnWorks uses the latest technology in both virtual realities and augmented reality to help customers see their designs in true 3D space.

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OnWorks Principles


Principal-led Projects

OnWorks believes in principle-led design. This means that no matter the size of the customer, a principal architect or designer will be engaged in your project. Experience matters, so OnWorks will always assign a principal of the company to lead every project.


Always 3D

Some companies charge extra for 3D renderings. Not OnWorks. It is hard to visualize a 3D space from a 2D drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings in 3D. We can even provide virtual walkthroughs using Artificial Reality headsets or Augmented Reality headsets to give customers a true feel for their designed spaces.

Problem Solving

Problem Solvers

We are not just an Architecture and Design firm. We are problem solvers, and we have experience applying technology and strategic thinking to customer’s toughest problems to develop innovative solutions.


Listening First

We know great design comes from actively listening to our customers throughout the entire project and understanding their problems and issues. Listen. Repeat back what we heard. Then offer suggestions. Rinse – Repeat.


Testing Assumptions

OnWorks believes in doing extensive research to back up our designs. Often the core of a problem is not what it appears to be on its surface. We ask lots of questions, then we test our assumptions using the latest in digital technology. The worst thing you can do is spend a lot of money and time solving a problem that is not really the issue.

Green Design

Green Power

OnWorks is committed to thinking, designing, and building our projects with sustainability in mind. It is possible to build beautiful places at cost-effective rates, that leave minimal impact on the environment and the planet.