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TX Macular & Retinal Specialists was a comprehensive project that involved the provision of full interior design services for a ground-floor medical office.

The journey of Dr. Adams, a visionary retinal surgeon who embarked on a mission to redefine patient care. From his roots in Texas to honing his skills in Miami, Dr. Adams always aimed for excellence. However, he felt a calling to elevate his practice to new heights.

Deciding to return home to Texas, Dr. Adams envisioned a space where innovation meets comfort. Teaming up with OnWorks, he translated his dream into reality. From concept to execution, OnWorks brought to life a modern, patient-centric office in Plano, TX, reflecting Dr. Adams' commitment to excellence.

Completed in December 2023, the 4,000 sq ft space boasts sleek design, curated artwork, and efficient layout, enhancing both patient experience and staff productivity. Thanks to meticulous planning and collaboration, every detail, from the inviting check-in desk to the soothing dilation area, reflects Dr. Adams' dedication to patient comfort.

Grateful for the support of partners like AOS Engineering, Citadel Partners, and Lewis Commercial Construction, Dr. Adams' vision is now a reality. Together, we have created more than a medical office; we've crafted a sanctuary of care and innovation.

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Immersive experiences

It can be difficult to visualize a three dimensional space from a flat drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings into 3D with video walkthroughs so you can truly understand your space well before it is built.

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