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Interior Design

We revamped a Swiss methanol company’s Houston office, incorporating industry elements and fostering collaboration. Adapted designs for expansion, creating a cohesive, brand-aligned space.

Success Story: Transforming the US Headquarters for a Swiss Methanol Company in Houston

At Onworks, our goal is to create office spaces that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. One of our remarkable projects involved a Swiss oil and gas company specializing in methanol production and trading. They came to us with a vision to revamp and expand their office in Chase Tower, Houston, making it shine as their US headquarters.

The Challenge
The company needed their office to reflect their brand while incorporating elements from their methanol plants to keep employees connected to their core business. Initially situated on the 18th floor, the project faced a major shift when the pandemic led to their relocation back to the 36th floor, where they originally started. They requested us to apply our design seamlessly to the new floor while accommodating their growing space needs.

The Solution
We designed a dynamic and functional office space tailored to their specific requirements:
- Central Gathering Space: We created a central meeting area to foster employee connection and collaboration.
- Functional Areas: The design included a trading area, multiple conference rooms, private offices, workstation spaces, and an engineering room.
- Brand Elements: To reflect the company's identity, we incorporated elements reminiscent of their methanol plants, ensuring the company’s mission was always present.
- Custom Details: We expanded our scope to include detailed elements such as artwork, frames, graphics, and way-finding signage, all customized to align with the company’s brand.

The Process
Working closely with the client, we meticulously planned and executed the design transition to the 36th floor. As the company continued to grow, we adapted the space twice more, ultimately allowing them to occupy the entire floor. Throughout this process, we maintained constant communication and collaboration with the client to ensure every wish and requirement was met.

The Result
The final result is an abstract representation of a methanol plant, 36 floors above downtown Houston, infused with the company's colors and identity. The office is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, with spaces designed for collaboration and efficiency. The integration of industry-specific elements keeps the employees connected to their work and the company’s mission.

At Onworks, we are committed to creating spaces that align with our clients' vision and operational needs. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering innovative, customized design solutions. If you're looking to transform your office space, contact us today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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Immersive experiences

It can be difficult to visualize a three dimensional space from a flat drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings into 3D with video walkthroughs so you can truly understand your space well before it is built.

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