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Interior Design

The project aimed to create a unique retail experience reminiscent of a small shop in Tokyo within a Houston, TX location.

Step into a realm where design transcends mere aesthetics and becomes an immersive experience. Our latest project, nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas, is more than just a store—it's a journey to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, captured within the confines of a single space.

At the core of our vision lies the desire to transport our customers beyond geographical boundaries, to evoke the sensory richness of a Tokyo street market. Every element of the design, meticulously curated and crafted, aims to engage the five senses, from the moment one crosses the threshold.

Picture a façade that tantalizingly conceals the treasures within, a deliberate blend of materials and textures drawing the gaze inward, yet shielding the sanctuary from the bustling world outside. The entrance, marked by a ceremonial wooden bridge, signals the transition into a realm where time slows and the senses awaken.

Upon entry, the senses are immediately enveloped in an olfactory embrace, as the scent of Spanish cedar infuses the air, transporting patrons to the heart of a Kyoto forest. Delicate wisps of incense further heighten the experience, as the eyes feast upon the juxtaposition of rough stones and smooth wood, old-world charm seamlessly interwoven with modern elegance.

But it's not just about what meets the eye—it's about the tactile sensation of running one's fingers along the merchandise, feeling the cool touch of polished quartz or the supple warmth of leather. The sound of gently cascading water from a hidden stone fountain mingles with soft melodies, completing the symphony of sensory delights.

Central to the design ethos is the notion of simplicity meeting sophistication, where everyday objects transcend functionality to become objets d'art. Each display fixture, meticulously crafted from Spanish cedar, beckons patrons to explore and discover the beauty in the mundane.

Yet, behind this seamless integration of form and function lies a tale of challenges overcome—a dance with regulations, budget constraints, and the relentless march of time. It is here that the partnership with Acacia and the visionary expertise of Will Fuller truly shines, transforming obstacles into opportunities and elevating the project to new heights.

In the end, what emerges is not just a store, but a testament to the power of design to transcend boundaries, to evoke emotions, and to create lasting impressions. Welcome to a world where every visit is not just a transaction, but a transformative journey—a journey to Tokyo, just around the corner in Houston.

Images coming soon!

Immersive experiences

It can be difficult to visualize a three dimensional space from a flat drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings into 3D with video walkthroughs so you can truly understand your space well before it is built.

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