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OnWorks partnered with Elo Touch to revamp its headquarters, crafting a dynamic space spanning 8,000 sq ft. The result: a vibrant hub embodying synergy and excellence, fostering innovation and growth.

OnWorks, a renowned architecture and interior design firm, collaborated with Elo to create the design scheme for Es new headquarters. Encompassing an area of approx. 8.000 square feet, the project entailed comprehensive space planning, construction documents furniture procurement, and management of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineers.

Coming from disjointed space with a drab interior, Onworks was able to respect the culture of Elo - no offices, only workstations - all conference rooms are glass walled and suggest new ways of working. The collaborative nature of the work required new spaces to make this happen and therefore the break room became the center of innovation. We brought together a variety of furniture to allow different sized meetings and impromptu get togethers.
Onworks approached the project with a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and functionality. Though multiple meetings we began to understand Elo culture and aspirations, crafting a design that seamlessly blended innovation with comfort. The open-concept layout paired with a curated furniture selection, reflected their dedication to creating a space that inspires employees and elevates performance.
The collaboration between Onworks and Elo was marked by synergy and expertise, resulting in a workspace that surpassed expectations. As the project reached its move-in day, the Elo headquarters stands as a testament to the partnership of the two firms. It is more than just office space —it is a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration, embodying Elo commitment to excellence.
For Onworks and Elo, the project was a journey of transformation, where creativity meets functionality, and ideas become reality. As employees stepped into their new workspace, they entered a space that sets the stage for a future filled with success and growth.

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Immersive experiences

It can be difficult to visualize a three dimensional space from a flat drawing, so OnWorks has standardized all our renderings into 3D with video walkthroughs so you can truly understand your space well before it is built.

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